Monday, October 1, 2007

On the newsstands....

The October edition of Pikes Peak Parent magazine has hit both the brick-and-mortar and virtual newsstands. The slight crisp in the air, emerging fall colors and the new season of Ghost Hunters motivated our staff to spread Halloween cheer throughout the pages of the issue.

The kids on the cover are decked out in homemade, no-sew costumes pulled from the creative mind of Jane Bennett from Imagination Celebration and our writer Pam Hoskins. My favorite munchkin is Aidan McMinn, 6, who rocks out his dragon costume (see right). Watch out!

Also in the Halloween vein are articles regarding how to tell a scary story, activities for teens that don't involve eggs or toilet paper, and our fear-themed Fresh Perspectives interviews with kids. Taking the cake for the cute things kids say this month was 6-year-old
Matthew S:
What are you scared of? Why?
MS: Dead people, because they eat you.
What are some things grown-ups are afraid of?
MS: Dead people, because they try to catch grown-ups, too.
On a heavier note, October was also PPP's Annual Medical Guide, where we discuss the challenges of dislexia, alternative options for infertility and local medical resources (page one and page two).

Enjoy the entire publication online at And if you have comments, feedback or story ideas for the future, contact our editor at parent AT gazette DOT com.

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